History of Talisker Distillery


Talisker Distillery is built at Carbost (the name comes in part from the Norse, Bost meaning 'Farm') on Loch Harport, despite the loud prostestaions of the Reverend Roderick MacLeod.


The bank leases the distillery to one Donald MacLellan.


MacLellan, bankrupt by 1863, passes over the lease to Glasgow agent John Anderson. "There is not" declares the new owner "a better whisky on the market".


Success. Better management follows, from Morayshire Procurator Fiscal Alexander Grigor Allan and Aberdeen merchant Roderick Kemp


Growth. Allan merges his interest with those of ambitious Thomas Mackenzie, forming Dailuaine - Talisker Distilleries. Talisker is now one of the largest selling single malt whiskies in the country.


Peak Employment The distillery has come of age, with its own pier, purpose – built tramway and tied cottages for the expanding, if still small workforce.


Change of Owners. Mackenzie dies, and a consortium including John Wlaker and Sons and John Dewar and sons takes control.


Temporary Closure. Conservation of barley supplies for food. Production ceases for the duration of the second world war.


The still-house is destroyed by fire on 22nd November 1960. The still-house re- opens in 1962. Exact copies, still heated by externally heated coal furnaces replace the five lost stills. in 1972, the two wash stills and three spirit stills are converted to steam heating from an oil-fired boiler. The original floor maltings are closed.


Talisker 10 year old Single malt becomes one of the six classic malts.


Talisker is awarded the Trophy for the best single malt under 12 years at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.


Investment. A new copper mash tun is installed and five new wooden worm tubs, patterned on the old, replace them outside the distillery.


Talisker becomes the first distillery ever to be awarded Trophies as Best Single Malt under 12 years (TALISKER) and Best Single Malt over 12 years (TALISKER Distillers Edition) in one year.


Talisker Distillery celebrates its foundation with a special 175th anniversary bottling.


At virtually natural cask strength, Talisker 57 º North is the first regularly available full-strength Talisker to be released. Talisker 18yo wins Worlds Best Malt. Production increased with the instalation of two new washbacks.


Talisker 34 year old released. A Limited Edition Single Cask bottling in exclusive Prestige packaging.

To find out more, please visit our distillery.

To find out more, please visit our distillery.

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